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The purpose of a Community Plan is to guide the future use, character and independent identity of a community.  Community plans currently identify land use goals and policies unique to each community.   Visit the county website and County Plan Facebook page to learn about forums and meetings for our community. .




​Friday, July 28th - 10 A.M. 

Water and its use is a constant issue for our residents.  Read more on what we can do to save our area.  DROUGHT REGULATIONS

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October 7, 2017
North East Back Parking Lot of
 Life Bible Fellowship Church
9 to 11 A.M.

Bring your "extra" fruits, vegetables or plants to share with others.  If you do not have produce to share, donations are welcome.  

​  ​  The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and  Upland City Mayor and Council are denying citizens their Constitutional Right to vote!  A new Special Tax will be levied against parcels without voter approval.  It is UNconstitutional and they know it.  Now the City of Upland Taxpayers will have to pay to defend the actions of these politicians in court.  One lawsuit already exists and more are coming.  Millions of dollars will be spent on lawyers to defend the indefensible LET US VOTE!

​       The politicians in California continually try to find ways to tax citizens with backdoor fees using clever gimmicks and lies.  This is another attempt to circumvent Prop 218.  This time, the citizens revolt!  The City of Upland, through the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) decided to annex the unincorporated area north of Upland known as San Antonio Heights into their scheme to expand and annex the fire protection district, transfer all ownership of Upland Fire Department to County Fire and fund the BEAST through special parcel tax on each parcel, and tack on thousands of dollars in additional "fees" to the residents and business owners.

​       Please join us at the Hearing this Friday, July 28th in the SB County Courthouse at 247 W Third St, Dept. S26, San Bernardino, Judge David S. Cohn at 10 decide whether a preliminary injunction should be in place while the litigation runs through the courts, which could take 5 or more years.  Our attendance will remind Judge Cohn that government is supposed to represent citizens not rule over them.   Invite others to join us for this very important Court Hearing.  Our attendance does make a difference.!

         Questions or need more information, contact or leave a message at (909) 638-1673  


Wildlife is a natural part of this community.  Man and animal learn to live together.  As we are located in the foothills of the San Gabriels we learn to address these issues

CERT is a program of San Bernardino County.  Many residents of the Heights participate in this activity.

Membership in SAHA allows our all volunteer board to accomplish the mission of the Association.  We welcome all Residents and Owners to join their organization and to make their voice heard at our meetings and group activities.  We are here to represent you --- WE NEED YOU.  Join or Renew Now for 2017.

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Citizens on Patrol is an all volunteer group sponsored through San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.  Now in its 21st year of activity the group supplements the patrol by our sheriff's department.    

Residents of

San Antonio Heights 







Our committee  continues to work on slowing traffic through our community and keeping our families safe.

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