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Our Association was formed to protect the interests of San Antonio Heights home owners and residents. SAHA communicates and cooperates with many organizations that render us critical services. Our members diversified experience is being employed to research vital issues. Our goal is to work with all parties concerned to expedite mutually beneficial decisions on matters of social welfare impacting the Heights.

Board meetings are held the fourth Thursday of every month.  Residents are encouraged to attend, share their issues and concerns and be kept up to date on what is being done to ensure our region's quality of life.

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Board President

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Administrator of Communications

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Our board members are here to serve the needs of our community.  To contact one of our members please click on the name of the member you would like to contact. You may need to specify who you are trying to contact. Emails will be forwarded to them and you should receive a response, as needed, within 72 hours.

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​San Antonio Heights Association

The SAHA Board is elected yearly for a one year term at the SAHA Annual Meeting  held in November. 

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San Antonio Heights


Founded: 1887

"Curves and circles and Crescents with one straight line through the center – this was the way San Antonio Heights was laid out and remains almost the same today. ...

​​​Preserving a quality community

​​Contact members of our board if you have any questions, concerns or just to say "Hello". Join us at one of our board meetings or events or just support the Association by joining now!