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Click on the photograph below for the Huell Howser Episode on the Holiday Star, its beginnings to the Grand Prix fire.

​San Antonio Heights Association

Beginning in 1958, a private residence directly north of Euclid Avenue in San Antonio Heights displayed an enormous five-point star of lights each holiday season.  Traditionally the 35-foot star was lit each night between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day and was visible for miles throughout the Pomona Valley.

The star and the two-story home to which it was attached were destroyed October 25, 2003 in the Grand Prix Fire that swept through the area. More than $20,000 was raised to assist the property owner in rebuilding the star, so a temporary replacement measuring 65 feet tall was erected with a crane during the 2003-2005 holiday seasons. The star was not lit in 2006 after its copper wiring was stolen from the site.

Ken Petschow, a commercial airline pilot who owns the property, lit the star again beginning in 2007.