​​​Preserving a quality community

​San Antonio Heights Association

In 2012, San Antonio Heights, as a community, celebrated its 125th year of life.  In 1882, George Chaffey, from Ontario, Canada, came to this area on horseback and found it a wonderful place in which to live.  He envisioned the most beautiful garden spot in the world.  He and his brother, William, begin to develop the area which included current day Ontario, Upland and San Antonio Heights.  The Chaffey Brothers were instrumental in designing and creating Euclid Avenue which led travelers to the Heights.  It is believed their father, George Sr., lived in the Heights and was buried here.

What a history this area had and still does.  Charles Frankish, a land developer, commission the first San Antonio Heights map with street circles and curves.  The map was recorded on June 16, 1887.   Mr. Frankish had dreams of building a hotel, designed a sketch and selected a site on Terrace Drive with a perfect view of Catalina Island and the Valley below.